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Interiors by Joni Bader  IIDA

…..”It is hard to imagine anything more daunting than decorating every inch of an 8000 square foot home in 5 months.  But it was more than “decorating”.  You were there for every bit of selection.  It would not be surprising to learn you selected the color of nails.  How can we ever thank you for the immense handholding you did for us.  Without it, this house would not be the masterpiece that it is.”…..”You did not miss a thing.  It is perfect.  You listened when we tried to express our desires.  You guided when we had no sense of direction.  You calmed us when it became overwhelming.  Joni Bader Interiors is the best in this business.  The ultimate professionals.  Thank you for sharing your talents and time with us.  Thank you for making it an experience of a lifetime.”……Rick and Daria Parker

Phone:  719-636-8978
Email: joni@interiorsbyjonibader.net
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